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You guessed it – we’re parents too!

Like all parents we faced the same dilemma.i.e. How do you decorate and theme a nursery or a child’s room quickly and effectively, without creating a mess or breaking the bank!

A child’s bedroom is a special space to dream and create, to be nurtured and inspired. Kids deserve great rooms that inspire creativity, good sleep and organizational skills. Whether they are inspired by ballerinas, sports heroes or art; a child’s room should be as much a reflection of who they are as the rest of the home is a reflection of their parents' tastes.

Whatever your style, creating a wonderful space for babies and young children that inspire them to be their best (and practical for parents) is easy with Kidocent!

Whether choosing décor for a nursery or personalizing a kid's bedroom it's important to remember that kids grow. Creating a room that can grow with them is the challenge.

Our solution: Themed room accessories and themed stickers- with the added bonus thatthey’re removable and re-stickable too and best of all do not leave a stain on the wall!

Kidocent has been derived from the words 'Kids' and 'Innocent'. All products have been researched and carefully chosen from various countries for the Indian market. They are Eco & Child friendly and Safe as per International standards.

With our Kid styles of wall decals and room accessories, you'll find the perfect style for everystage of life. From babies to toddlers, from tweens to teens, there is something for everyone. There's no limit to the fun and imaginative designs you can create for your kids.

At Kidocent: Our constant endeavor is to keep introducing all unique products to parents & their kids. So take a peek cos………………..It’s fun to grow with us!